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Grandeur Gazebo

The Winkler Horticulture Society is getting creative to beautify the city while cutting down on hours of physical labour.

A partnership between the City, the Winkler Horticulture Society and Grandeur Housing recently resulted in a new feature at the corner of Grandeur Ave. and 15th St.

“We’re always very interested to beautify the streets,” Andrew Nickel, Grandeur Board President says. “It’s a beautiful corner, thanks for letting us be a part of it.”

The fixture will relieve the horticulture society from planting thousands of flowers at the corner.

“A dream was developed and this is reality now,” Margaret Penner, Winkler Horticulture Co-Chair says, adding they’ve heard many positive comments on the finished product.

The location holds special significance for the society which began at the same corner in the year 2000. With $250 from the city volunteers from the society planted their first flower bed.

Source: Steven Sukkau, Pembina Valley Online – September 28, 2016