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Winkler, MB – Locally owned Grandeur Housing announced today that they have opened their first franchise location, Grandeur Homes, in Headingley, Manitoba.

With this franchise located on the TransCanada highway, John Froese, CEO of Granduer Housing plans to increase the number of Grandeur built homes in Manitoba. “It’s a good time to expand as the construction industry is highly competitive so this location will increase exposure for Grandeur built homes with high traffic volumes and shorter travel times for customers from the Winnipeg area,” stated Froese.


The Headingley location will focus on sales through Manitoba and will specialize in residential sales including RTM, manufactured, and 24’ wide housing and will have homes available for viewing and purchase on its sales lot. Grandeur’s Winkler location will continue with residential sales but with more focus on commercial and multi-family development sales.

For more information on Grandeur Homes, please visit their Facebook page.

About Grandeur Housing Ltd.
Grandeur Housing Ltd. is a leader in factory built and modular home production and commercial and industrial buildings. Their 200,000 square foot production facilities are located in Winkler and employ over 250 qualified and dedicated employees.  Grandeur Housing distributes modular multi-family units, RTM and manufactured houses and commercial buildings to the local market including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario.  They also provide five dealers from across the prairies with quality homes to sell.  For more information, please visit www.grandeurhousing.com.

For more information, please contact:
Lori Giesbrecht, Marketing Coordinator
401 Pembina Avenue East, Winkler MB R6W 0G6
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