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If you’ve driven by the intersection of 15th Street and Grandeur Avenue lately, you’ll notice a new addition to the corner.¬† This section of city land is now home to a gazebo donated, designed, and built by Grandeur Housing.

This¬†intersection has seen many upgrades in the past few years, the latest of which was a raised flower bed but Margaret Penner, chairwoman of the Winkler Horticultural Society, said it was becoming too “labour-intensive” for the society to maintain.

“We were feeling tired of having the same look here, and it was challenging to have this site because it’s a very windy spot and so we were very limited in what we could actually plant here.”

Penner said there was some discussion about letting nature have it’s way with the corner, “letting it go,” she said. However, when a gazebo was proposed, everyone was excited.

“If we could do a replica of what’s on the Parkview Gardens here,” said Penner, “that would bring in the continuity of the theme that we’d like to have.”

Grandeur Housing offered to fund the gazebo and they participated in the sod-turning at the site on May 18, 2016.

“It is Grandeur Avenue and we sort of feel close to it,” said Grandeur Housing CEO, John Froese.¬† “Whenever something happens on this avenue, we want it to be nice. If we can get involved, we like the opportunity to do so and it’s a way giving back to the community.”

Froese said that since this is Grandeur Housing’s 40th anniversary, it would be fitting to have a permanent structure to mark the milestone.

The completed gazebo will include a sitting area for residents to take a break from their stroll along the walking path.